This Is The Proper Way To Clean And Lubricate Your Motorcycle’s Chain

The first thing to do is to know the type of chain attached to the motorcycle. The motorcycle chain itself is divided into 2 types, ordinary chains, and O-Ring chains. For ordinary chains, the cleaning process is easier because this type of chain consists of metals that are interconnected. As for the O-Ring type chain, the cleaning must be careful because this type of chain uses rubber material to connect between the links. Additionally, if you want to replace your chain, we suggest you only buy the best motorcycle chain.

The second step that must be done is to position the motorcycle upright using the middle standard. Or if the motorbike is not equipped with a standard middle, can use the paddock.

After that, the third stage is checking the motorcycle chain and gear sprocket. Some details that need to be examined are the level of chain wear. How to check can be by shaking the chain to the right and left, and pulling it back. If the chain is very loose, it means the sign is starting to wear out.

Aside from the chain, what needs to be checked is the gear sprocket. Sprocket worn gear can be seen from the characteristics of the eye gear that began to sharpen. If you want to replace it, it is recommended to replace the chain and gear at once.

The fourth step starts entering the chain cleaning process. You do this by spraying the chain with liquid penetrant, or if there is no one can use kerosene. Then let stand a few moments.

After that, the fifth step is to clean the motorcycle chain with a special brush or toothbrush that is not used. Brush the floor gently and make sure the remaining oil and dust dirt are removed.

If so, the sixth step is to re-spray the chain with liquid penetrant or kerosene. This process will make dirt around the chain and gear fall out. After that, don’t forget to dry the motorcycle chain with a dry cloth.

The final step in this process is to lubricate the chain with liquid chain lube. Spray the chain lube in the eye gear and the chain evenly.