Longboard, Different Fun In Surfing

When compared with skateboarding, extreme sports on this one are still less popular. But often with the number of longboarding players gliding on the streets, this sport has finally begun to be known, even now one of the trends. You can even easily find mini longboard for sale for children.

In several big cities, this longboard lover community is increasingly mushrooming. The spread of the longboarding virus is higher after many longboarding communities have begun to stand up, and routinely hold special meetings for longboarding activities, or hold special events, and a series of other promotional campaigns.

Cheap and easy
Actually, longboarding is relatively cheap and easier to do than other extreme sports. You only need a downhill and flat asphalt road, you can also use a flyover or ramps that are near where you live.
There are already many areas of longboarding in several states. Not only does it present a challenge that is enough to make the knee tremble, but it is also able to provide an attractive view.

Why is it popular?
Actually, there are many advantages to longboard compared to skateboard, especially from the composition of the board which is wide and large. With this board, you will find it easier to balance yourself when going up and down the longboard.

Longboard also has a relatively simple position of the horses, with knees bent as low as possible, with hands as a regulator of balance. Another advantage, the longboard can be done anywhere, with a note, there are derivatives and the road is level.

There are also several styles that you can learn to be good at playing longboard.

Carving is an activity down a hill or road with a certain angle. This playstyle is perfect for you who are just learning to play longboard.
Besides being able to help you control your speed when driving on the streets, this style of play is also quite fun to do.

Here it is, the style of playing longboard is right for those of you who like challenges. This style of play, also known as speedboarding, is a high-speed downhill activity.

Freestyle is a style of play that requires quite high creativity. With this style of play, bro can play longboard while doing tricks and maneuvers that are very cool.