This Is Fan’s Version Of Game of Thrones Finale

Game of Thrones is an amazing TV series. Unfortunately, it has one MAJOR flaw. It ruins its own franchise with the abrupt ending of this series. It’s true that there is already a lot of information spread on the internet regarding the logical reasons why this series ended this way. However, it doesn’t do justice to fans who’ve watched this series from the beginning. In this article, I will share with you some of the opinions that I’ve seen on the internet regarding how Game of Thrones should have ended. Apart from that, if you want to watch this series, we suggest you watch it for free on viooz.

Here are some fan-made opinions or theories regarding how this series should have ended:

The way Arya kills the Night King

The way Arya kills him with a simple knife trick has disappointed a lot of fans, especially the hardcore fans who expect creative writing and plot twist regarding how the Night King will be slain, either by Arya, Daenerys, Jon Snow, and other possible character who might have the chance to slay this undead king. Some fans have theorized that it will be cool to see Arya disguises herself as one of the Night King’s guards, then she kills the Night King and she shows her true face to him when the Night King faces his final moments.

The imaginary rescue operation to save Missandei

Missandei is just a side character, but I believe she deserves to be saved in a very amazing way, instead of just being executed like that. It would be cool to see Grey Worm works together with Arya and Tyrion Lannister to save her, and they create and execute a very unique plan just to save the poor girl.

Why not give it a happy ending?

I know that GoT is not famous for its happiness, and it’s known for its merciless killing spree of loveable characters. However, I believe it won’t be a bad idea to show a rewarding happy ending for fans who’ve seen a lot of dark things along with the series, and so they can see Jon Snow And Daenerys become the king and queen of the seven kingdoms at the end of this series.