How To Prevent Electrical Short Circuit In House

Nowadays, news informed about wildfire happening throughout the world. However, your house could also be at risk of a house fire caused by an electrical short circuit. Electrical short circuits can occur because of damage to electrical devices, exposed to water and others. In order not to cause an electrical short circuit, it is better when installing the electrical circuit it is done by residential electrician Columbia SC. Not only that, even homeowners must understand how to use electricity properly. To reduce the risk that can arise from an electric current, change the habit of using an electric appliance at home, that is, use one socket for one plug and make it a habit to always unplug the plug when it is no longer in use.

Many people neglect to check the electrical installation before the function is reduced or damaged. Even though the electrical installation must be inspected routinely once a year and the installation must be replaced every five years. Both of these are anticipating the feasibility of electrical devices at home so that a short circuit does not occur that can cause a fire. In installing electrical equipment, it is better to use materials with guaranteed quality and standardized. When you use fake and unlicensed products, you have a greater risk of explosion because it tends to heat easily.

To help reduce the risk of a short circuit, you need to install a circuit breaker in your house. Short circuit and overload will be disconnected from the circuit breaker. However, to make it safer you should install it accompanied by ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker). The ELCB automatically prevents leakage of current and provides security so that humans are not electrocuted. Installation of circuit breaker accompanied by ELCB is done to prevent short-circuiting and other risks caused by electric current. The electricity that is used well will be a friend of our house, conversely if used arbitrarily will be a dangerous opponent.

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