What Are The Types Of Treatment In Physical Therapy?

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is one type of therapy performed to restore a person’s body parts after an injury or accident. Physiotherapy is not only done by someone with certain health conditions, but this therapy can also be done by everyone to prevent the onset of tomorrow’s disease. The best physical therapy los angeles Performance Care is your trusted place for physical therapy blog link.

The purpose of physiotherapy is to treat a person’s injury or disability through increased movement and physical improvement. Physiotherapy will focus on maximizing the function of motion and the quality of life of participants with various health conditions that are being experienced.

These Types of Treatment in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one therapy that is carried out using more than one type of treatment. Well, the types of treatments performed in physiotherapy include:

– Manual therapy, which is therapy carried out manually. This therapy focuses on systems and structures in the body, such as joints, bones, soft tissue, blood circulation, nerves, and lymphatics.

– Electrical transcutaneous nerve stimulation, which is therapy carried out using low-powered electric currents to relieve pain. This stimulation is carried out with a small device and is powered by batteries. This small device is then placed at a pressure point and creates a series of electrical impulses whose vibrations can move along nerve fibres.

– Magnetic therapy, namely therapy using magnets as an effort to cure various diseases caused by disorders of the blood circulation, metabolic systems, hormonal systems, enzymes, and disorders of cells in the human body. This therapy is also useful for reducing the pain that is being experienced.

– Taping, which is a therapy carried out with the help of giving the elastic tape to support and stabilize the muscles and joints without restricting joint motion. Taping works by supporting and lifting the skin so that it is free from pressure, and increases the circulation of oxygen-rich blood flow which can accelerate injury recovery.

– Diathermy, which is a therapy carried out using heat flowed through high-frequency electromagnetic currents to cure various conditions. This tool can cure tense muscles, increase body metabolism, and increase blood flow to damaged body tissue.

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