Money Oh Money In College Puzzle

When studying, especially for those who are far from parents, money is usually one of the When you are a colleger, especially for those who are far from parents, money is usually one of the obstacles. This also makes students think hard about how to earn money, while on the other hand, you are also busy with your college activities that are quite dense. College life is indeed like a puzzle and full of mystery, we do not know and think about how our college life will run. College Puzzle. However, do not be sad because today has many ways to make money.

Usually, colleger will look for part-time jobs to supplement their income so they can meet their needs. Another effective way is to get a scholarship! Now, many provide scholarships to go to school. Starting from companies, foundations, including the government. So don’t hesitate to look for a scholarship that suits you.

You can see various references from various sources including Google. There are also various types of scholarships offered, such as underprivileged scholarships, expertise scholarships, and achievement scholarships! Getting a partial scholarship won’t be a problem either because it can cover up your shortcomings. On the other hand, by getting a scholarship you no longer need to ask for money from parents. You can also be called an adult because it doesn’t bother your parents.

Another fun way you can do is to take part in various competitions that provide prizes in the form of money. Besides you are more achievers in your field, you will also be able to get extra money from the prize. You can take part in academic competitions, such as essay writing competitions, paper writing competitions, quiz competitions, and even debate competitions. For non-academics, you can take part in competitions that suit your passion! Such as martial arts competitions, singing competitions, dancing, and others.

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